Current Clients & Projects

These are some of my current clients and a few of my personal projects.

Sports Betting Acumen Homepage Screenshot

Sports Betting Acumen : :

Technologies used: ASP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, SQL Server, Photoshop, SEO

A website built for people new to sports betting, poker and horse race wagering. There are some very knowledgeable gamblers writing for it and I am more than a little sure that someday this is going to be a very, very popular sports betting website.

This site includes a discussion forum, and ASP/SQL Server NFL Pick'em game and some JQuery sliders to jazz up category pages.

VH Technologies

VH Technologies, LTD. : :

Technologies used: ASP, XHTML, Javascript, SQL Server 2008 backend, SSL

VH Technologies Ltd. imports, manufactures and distributes a selected range of materials and products for use in the Dental Laboratory. This range includes Waxes, Brushes, Burs, Die preparation products and other miscellaneous items.

This web site is all e-commerce all the time. VH Technologies needed a web presence consisting of a shopping system and I suggested a company I had dealt with many times in the past. This is the third site I have built using it and I am very familiar with the code and can customize it to almost any businesses special needs. If you are selling on the web you want to look professional because no one will risk their hard earned money if your site makes them nervous.

ProduceOasis : :

Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, VB.NET, SQL Server 2008 backend, Facebook API, Writing, Graphics, SEO

Produce Oasis first appeared on the web in 1996 and I've been helping out with it since 2006. Since taking over the operations of the site, I have contributed additional copy to just about every page, added a recipe database, redone the graphics, designed new layouts, managed the advertising, optimized the site for search engines, and added dozens of all new content pages. I've recently begun to implement a social media strategy across the site using social plugins from the major social media players.

Skeptic Friends Network

Skeptic Friends Network : :

Technologies used: ASP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL 2000 backend

An online publication I wrote quite a bit of code for starting in 1997. The site you see now was completed on 2002. This site has it all: A members forum, member uploads of images, article system, private messaging, link management, user or administrator defined themese and much, much more! Not only that but everything is stored in an SQL 2000 database and the entire website is administered to through web forms. Day to day operations require absolutely no coding! I did all this and I was able to preserve fast page loading which is always one of my primary goals. I can set you and your organization up with a slick, full-featured web site just like this and you can forget troublesome coding and get down to producing content and publishing with ease.

Noodle Boat

Noodle Boat Thai Cuisine : :

A fantastic Thai restaurant in Issaquah, WA. Their needs were simple: To get their menu on the web and have it look great and yet be easy to maintain. This was achieved with simple coding and design and use of CSS. One of the best and most difficult aspects of this website was the inclusion of a photograph and thumbnail for each item on their menu. They have a very exotic menu so this feature is proving a huge benefit to their customers.

Sports Betting Acumen

Mathemusical Man : :

Technologies used: ASP, XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, SEO

This is a website I created for a math and music teacher. He needed a web presence for his tutoring business that would be easy to maintain to highlight his services.

Bellevue Photo Qwik

Bellevue Photo Qwik

Technologies used: ASP, XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, SEO

No job is too small and this is an example of a single page for a customer that just wanted a web presence and didn't want to have to pay a lot. Sometimes a single page is all you need and this was one of those times. The services Bellevue Photo Qwik offers are basic and any more than a single page would have been overkill and exceeded their budget. With correct search engine optimization Bellevue Photo Qwik shot to the top of search results within a few weeks.

DBD Clan

Death Before Dishonor : :

Technologies used: ASP, Javascript, SQL Server 2008 backend

This is a gaming club that's been on the web for over 5 years. They needed an online forum with great performance and features that could be modified to perform functions necessary to online gamers. The design and site itself is simple but the performance is hard to beat. A fast loading site is preferred to image heavy pages when you are using an online forum.

Steph's Lists

Steph's Lists : :

Technologies used: ASP, XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, SEO

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a website that had quality checklists for anything you could ever want or imagine? Steph thinks so and her dream is to create such a site. She has enlisted me in the pursuit of this dream and together I am more than a little certain that we can pull it off. We've only recently begun the huge task of building this site but in a few years it should be a very helpful resource and hopefully a frequently visited destination on the web.

DVD Made Easy

DVD Made Easy : :

Technologies used: ASP, XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, SEO

A small site devoted to DVD Recorders. I worked with the owners and helped them optimize their site for the major search engines and created a simple template so that they could easily manage the site themselves. There is nothing fancy here, just solid code and a simple design for easy management, cross-browser compatability, and high search engine rankings. I also taught my clients the fundamentals of linking campaigns so that they could boost their search engine rankings and submitted their URL to the major search engines to begine the indexing process. I continue to monitor their progress and make adjustments to maximize their search engine traffic.

Former Clients

These are some of my former clients that may or may not have made changes to their websites on their own. Some of them have closed their businesses and shut down their websites.

Fraud Guides

Fraud Guides : :

Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, SEO, Photoshop, Copy Writing

This is an informational site about fraud and scams, a subject that has interested me for years. Nothing too tricky went into this website. For the most part it's just good old-fasioned XHTML and CSS which is all many sites need as long as it's clean and easy to manage. The code is divided between headers, footers and content so that the owners can maintain it with minimal fuss. A redesign is a snap as well since the major design elements are in the headers and footers and all files share them. A well built site will save you money both up front and down the road.

Plastic Princess

Amy and Sheila sell vintage jewelry as well as some of their own unique creations. They don't offer ecommerce at this time but their website allows them to have a web presence with a blog attached so that they can easily post about events they will be attending. Their blog integrates nicely with their site design and allows them to keep costs down since they can add blog postings on their own.


Technologies used: DotNetNuke, SQL Server 2008 backend

Lots of custom coding went into Peopleism. They started off wanting a Snitz Forum and a few MODs added to it for additiona functionality. I had to rewrite some of them to perform tasks they wouldn't right out of the box. Then I added some additional code to allow forum data to appear on the home page. After that I altered the code further to help create the look and feel the customer was after and when it was all done Peopleism was born and the web welcomed its newest web community.


Dina creates unique gift boxes which she markets over the web. Another company did the design and my task was to integrate the design elements and duplicate the layout as much as possible. As easy as that may sound there are always challenges which need to be overcome. There were also a few search engine issues to work out which can't be ignored. Search engine placement is essential because if your site can't be found why even spend the money in the first place. Dina's site is truly unique and as functional as it is aesthetic.

The Villalobos Group

The Villalobos Group is an up-and-coming real estate firm in the Seattle area. They wanted a slick website to showcase the homes they are selling so that their clients would know that they are not just another real estate company. The Villalobos group sells multimillion dollar homes and a cookie cutter real estate site was not the way they wanted their clients to see them. This kind of site is relatively easy to assemble and design and this translates as inexpensive for the client. In a highly competitive field such as real estate it's important to stand out. A quality website is one step in that direction.


1n5Free was an exciting new concept in web marketing. My job has been one of guidance, advice, coding and making sure the dynamic nature of the site's pages won't hurt it's position in the search engines. During the development process I helped overcome several obstables which got in our way and the final result is a website with great performance which will be fully indexed by the search engines which is so important when you want customers to find you first when they are on the web shopping.