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Content Display 2004 MOD for Snitz Forums

The Content Display mod allows one to take forum posts and flexibly format that content to display on any asp page. It's intention is to create homepage's with dynamic content from within the forum -- to give it that "portal" look & feel.

It is loosely based on the Content Management mod with some ideas taken from the Slash Mod. (Thank you for the initial inspiration to the authors of both those mods!) The functionality, flexibility and ease of use of the Content Display mod, I feel is much better...

This is version 3.4.02 which has a number of new features, lots of display issues resolved, some bug fixes, and more programmability for those that are ASP programmers. You can now enter header text and table width where you call the Content Display sub. Should work on Snitz Forums 3.4++

[download here]

Demo available at:

I use this for displaying recent forum posts on my homepage as well forum announcements. This could be used to show news, columnists...whatever! Just make a display mode to fit your needs. This is your "Do Anything You Want It To" MOD. Any forum content can be displayed anywhere on your site, however you want.

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